We offer physical therapy, sports performance analysis & conditioning, and individualized coaching services.  We are also available for clinics and presentations.

Appointment times are flexible including early morning and evening availability.

Rates vary based on services provided.

Contact us to discuss appointment times, rates, and with questions on insurance reimbursement.

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy

Physical therapy services are geared towards returning clients to an optimal level of activity and preventing injury reoccurrence.


Examples of services we provide include:

Sports reintegration                           Womens Health Rehabilitation

Balance/Proprioception Training          Aquatic Therapy

Post-surgical Rehabilitation


Examples of issues we address include:

Lumbar/Pelvic Pain                           Foot/Ankle Injuries   

Sciatica/Radiculopathies                    Chronic, Overuse Injuries

Obesity/Deconditioning                     Postural Dysfunction

Headaches/Cervical Pain



Sports Performance & Conditioning
Sports Performance & Conditioning

Sports performance and conditioning services include assessment of sport specific form (gait analysis, swim stroke analysis, etc.) and strenthening and conditioning plans to improve performance.


We specialize in swim, run, bike, and triathlon coaching. 


Coaching services depend on the needs and interest of the client but may include development of training plans, routine communication with the client, and/or race or event specific advice.

Educational Clinics
Educational Clinics

Dr. Jordan McAmmond is available for educational clinics and/or presentations on a variety of topics including sports specific injury prevention and strengthening and conditioning.


She has presented to various groups in the area including Runner Dude's Fitness, the Greensboro Running Club's Women's Running School, and Fleet Feet Sports.