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Jordan McAmmond, MPT, DPT, USAT-C

Jordan McAmmond is a highly accomplished certified clinician with a wealth of experience spanning 23 years. In 2012, she established Core Physical Therapy, driven by her vision to offer a personalized, one-on-one treatment approach tailored for goal-oriented and highly motivated individuals. Jordan earned her bachelor's degree in kinesiology from the University of Maryland, and she furthered her education by obtaining both master's and doctorate degrees in physical therapy from the University of Maryland School of Medicine.


Her diverse clientele includes a wide spectrum of individuals, ranging from Olympic-bound athletes to aging adults grappling with balance deficits. Jordan's expertise extends to coaching triathletes, runners of all ages, and adult-group swimmers. What sets Jordan apart is her passion for helping others achieve and sustain a healthy, injury-free lifestyle—a commitment rooted in her personal journey as an endurance athlete. A seasoned professional in the field, Jordan dedicated two years to competing in the Ironman Triathlon at the professional level. She has participated in 23 Ironman events, including the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. She has consistently qualified for the Boston Marathon multiple times, showcasing her versatility as a competitive runner.

As a clinician, coach, and elite athlete, Jordan embodies a holistic approach to health and fitness, inspiring others to reach their full potential in both rehabilitation and athletic pursuits.

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